IT GRC Archer

Archer is an integrated and collaborative enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program. With the help of GRC modules, you can manage risks, compliance, and automate end-to-end GRC process. The structured program allows you to automate processes associated with GRC, develop required database, generate reports, dashboards, etc. In short, Archer is automated program to collect, manage and process the GRC data.

Archer eGRC provides unique way to customize solutions for organizations requirement without necessity to write any codes. Archer eGRC capability allows you to create new solutions, use applications out of the box, or create new applications.

Archer is a collaborative tool, and GRC is a cross-functional process that needs various departments to collaborate. The single platform allows ability for different department to contribute and share. The flexibility within solutions allows information collection and management in efficient manner.

eInnosec Difference

Organizations turn to eInnosec's Archer/GRC team of certified consultant for taking greater advantage oef Archer Solution and sustainability.

eInnosec's team approaches Archer implementation as a cross-functional responsibility, and plans for implementation by involving business process, compliance, security and technology representatives from eInnosec to work with your organization's counterpart. The thorough understanding of requirements and objectives helps team devise and follow a concise deployment plan to implement the Archer eGRC solutions: Enterprise Management, Policy Management, Risk Management, etc.

We work with your management team, legal team, finance teams, etc. to ensure each department has a customized manageable dashboard, and flexibility in selection and managing views.

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eInnosec provides you the right approach to implementing Archer eGRC tool. The challenge corporations have is every organization has existing structure, processes, and people currently working on GRC efforts, and Archer needs to fit within existing set up.

We think from the future perspective ensuring private fields are minimized, cross reference-related references are managed, and applications are customized in way that eGRC program could be sustained. To achieve required flexibility while customizing is successful step in ensuring robust program implementation. Any changes in future will have less impact on program design/architecture as your foundation will be very strong.

eInnosec team's Archer and GRC expertise allows our client to plan for success. Our support teams will assist you 24/7 to solve problems.


Build an efficient, collaborative governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program across IT, finance, operations, and legal.

Policy Management Establish policy management for your corporate governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) program.
Risk Management Optimize risk management with a systematic approach to identify, assess, decision, treat, and monitor risks.
Compliance Management Document your enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance (eGRC) control framework and respond to policy and regulatory compliance issues.
Enterprise Management Manage relationships and dependencies within your business hierarchy and operational infrastructure to support governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).
Incident Management Centralize and streamline the security investigations response process and prevent attacks before they affect your organization.
Vendor Management Automate the ongoing oversight of vendor relationships, risk assessment, performance review and compliance monitoring.
Threat Management Consolidates threat data and reports on threat remediation activities, enabling a consistent, repeatable threat management process.
Business Continuity Management Automate business continuity and disaster recovery planning and enable crisis management in one governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).
Audit Management Manage governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) audit planning, staffing, fieldwork, and reporting and coordinate information among teams.
GRC Platform Adapt enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) products to your requirements, build applications, and integrate with other systems.

Archer eGRC is collaborative tool and implementation success is in creating robust platform to consolidate risk and compliance initiatives. The modules such as incident management, vendor management, threat management and business continuity management provide organizations with different tools for controls monitoring. Customized dashboards provide the client's operations team and management with easy access to information. These dashboards consist of various matrix and/or graphs for risk, compliance, incident management, assets management, etc.