IT Compliance - NIST

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency in the Technology Administration that makes measurements and sets standards as needed by industry or government programs. The purpose of NIST is to provide principles, standards, best practices, and generic guidelines. The various standards such as 800-53, 800-34, 800-30, 800-37, 800-12, etc. have requirements stated that provide further guidance on security controls, standards, methodology, etc. associated with technology.

The certain federal agencies require vendors to comply with NIST standards, for e.g., 800-53. The organizations like to comply with standards like encryption, business continuity, etc. published by NIST.

eInnosec Difference

eInnosec experienced team has implemented standards with several multinationals, and has guided organizations to use the same as frameworks to implement best practices. We have written compliance reports in specific format as required by the standard. eInnosec team uses NIST standards to design security programs, and identify and remediate gaps to meet the best practices. We guide the management in interpreting NIST requirements, assist in technical implementation, and support the management with periodic audits.

If organizations have to comply with multiple standards such as PCI, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, etc. then eInnosec has designed approach that allows the corporations to adopt the best of all standards with the budgets in mind.