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Secure Cloud – Build and Run Securely

Don't leave the safety of your information to chance. Build and run your cloud with confidence,
knowing that your cloud is fully protected.

A cloud vulnerability scanner is a tool that automates the process of identifying vulnerabilities
in cloud-hosted applications.

The Best Cloud Vulnerability Scanners

Cloud Vulnerability Scanners Key Features
Astra Pentest Scans behind logged-in pages, compliance-specific scans, risk scores
Qualys/Tenable Visibility across all IT assets, real-time network analysis
Orca Security Compliance Assistance

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Secure Cloud Infrastructure – Build and Run Securely

A cloud vulnerability scanner is a tool that automates the process of identifying vulnerabilities in cloud-hosted applications.

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We Address the Missing Part
Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

With just one click, you can know everything about your CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY


CloudSec gives 360-degree holistic visibility of your AWS account
and its security landscape.

Anyone with little technical knowledge can easily set up the tool with a few clicks. CloudSec gives 360-degree holistic visibility of your AWS infrastructure and its security landscape. The key features we will see in the next few slides.

Infra VAPT Full Scan Compute/AWS Lambda Virtual Private Cloud Insights
Network & Data Flow Storage AWS AWS ECS/EKS
IAM Roles & Services Evaluation
CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management Misconfiguration
CIEM – IAM Least Privilege
IaC Scanning
Ensure Compliance
Container and Kubernetes Security

CloudSec is an easy-to-deploy, complete AWS Cloud Security Analysis tool

Features you should look for in a cloud vulnerability scanner

e-InnoSec Advisory & Consulting Established in January 2015
  • Optimized for security policies set by the cloud provider
  • Scanning in the cloud so as not to stress the servers
  • Detailed reporting
  • Remediation support

Key Features

  • Easy To Deploy
  • AWS Inventory
  • Network & Data Flow
  • Identify Config Issue
  • IAM Roles & Services EVAL
  • Simple Reporting

Features - Key Features of CloudSec

Key Features

  • Easy To Deploy

    CloudSec is a very easy-to-deploy tool and does not require any in AWS account.

  • AWS Inventory

    CloudSec provides full inventory report for your entire AWS account with in-depth details about subscribed regions, number of resources with counts. This way you can easily identify and clean any orphan or not require resources to save huge amount on cloud billing.

  • Network & Data Flow

    CloudSec deeply analyze AWS infrastructure and generate outstanding network diagram with resources mapping. Which can help to understand data flow between resources and services.

  • Identify Config Issues

    CloudSec refers AWS best practices to identify weakness in cloud configuration, it generates and compare security audit report findings with best practices to identify the security GAP and also provide remediation steps to fine-tune AWS infrastructure.


    CloudSec provides detailed report about all public facing resources with resource type, resource count and open ports. This will help to identify and close unwanted open ports on resources to strengthen security posture, deeply analyze AWS infrastructure and generate outstanding network diagram with resources mapping. Which can help to understand data flow between resources and services.

  • IAM Roles & Services Eval

    CloudSec analyze IAM roles and policies assigned to resources and provide suggestion as per list privilege concept to safeguard accounts.

  • Simple Reporting

    Reports generated by CloudSec are platform agnostic, descriptive and easy to understand. Apart from that it give clear instructions about the procedures to address the security related issues. It can be open across multiple devices and get security insights very quickly.

We Believe In

Who We Are

e-InnoSec is a Professional Services and Consulting organization that brings expertise to the clients to supplement their business needs. We are compliance and cybersecurity professionals serving small, midsize, and startup organizations to simplify compliance, transform cybersecurity, and save costs.

The managing team's experience of over 20 years is at the core of designing practical approaches to solving cyber problems, managing risk, selecting frameworks, advising on compliance, and providing automated solutions. Also, we are the only company to support our solutions with free training using the SECURETAIN training platform to ensure scalable and sustainable programs that improve your security posture and achieve compliance objectives.

e-InnoSec services empower organizations to develop a scalable program to manage information security risks and to meet global financial, government, industry, and healthcare mandates such as HIPAA, SOC, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27001, NIST, FFIEC and more. We understand cloud security and how to design, implement, and review their deployment for a business. We serve a small ten employee corporation as well as fortune 1000 companies.

Our Story

e-InnoSec Advisory & Consulting Established in January 2015

We live in a world where security is what we all strive for, but struggle to find. Up until just recently, security was a very tangible thing meant to protect us from the outside and the unknown. But the world has changed. We do not only need protection; the very ways we conduct business need protection.

Hence, we formed e-InnoSec (Innovative Security), a Compliance and Security company, to protect businesses and help organizations navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and compliance. e-InnoSec is a national service provider to small and mid-size clients, delivering a range of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Audit, and Cybersecurity solutions designed to help our clients meet their information security and compliance objectives and protection needs.

When seeking new talent, the e-InnoSec consulting team says they are looking for employees who are driven, innovative, and willing to take the necessary risks.

What It Is

Better Managed -> Compliance, Risk, Cybersecurity, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, and Enterprise Resilience

Why It Matters

Helps To -> Protect Better, Manage Disruption, Reputation, and Customer Confidence.

Where It's Going

Sustainable Success -> High Maturity, Governance, Cyber Culture from the Top, Employee Participation.

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